How to see Paris in 48 Hours

How to see Paris in 48 Hours

When you only have 48 hours in Paris follow this plan to see the sights of the City of Lights. Be sure to have the Paris Museum Pass to bypass queues and avoid ticket lines.

Day 1

Notre Dame Cathedrale | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Start your day early at the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Cathedral doors open at 7am (7:30 depending on the season) and should be line free until about 9am. If you want to go up the bell tower of the Notre Dame, you’ll need to start queuing early.

Gargoyle | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Continue your morning by walking along the long side of the Cathedral (towards the back) and cross the Pont Saint-Louis. This small island is mostly residential, but has some small restaurants, shops and and cafés. At the end of the island is a small, secluded area perfect for picnics or taking a break.

Cross the Pont Marie and walk west along the Right bank of the Seine. Browse the bouquinistes sellings old books, souvenirs, and other small objects.

Bouquinistes | How to see Paris in 48 Hours The Jardins des Tuileries is a great spot for a picnic lunch. Sitting on the grass is prohibited, but the Louvre garden has plenty of chairs and benches. Enjoy the landscape and the statues in the garden as you eat your baguette and cheese lunch.

Cross the Jardin des Tuileries towards to obelisk to reach Place de la Concorde – a historically significant location in Paris where the execution of many French royals and aristocrats took place during the French Revolution.

Continue walking on Champs Elysées towards the Arc de Triomphe. The Champs Elysées is one of the most expensive boulevards in the world where you can find Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many more designer labels.

Arc de Triomphe | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Don’t attempt to cross the busy Champs Elysées roundabout. Instead, there is a handy underground passage that leads straight under the Arc de Triomphe. If you want to go to the top, and have a Paris Museum Pass, you can cut the queue. Don’t forget to show your pass to the security guards.

See the Eiffel Tower at sunset and light up at night. The quickest way from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower is to take Metro line 6 in the direction towards Nation and get off at Bir Hakeim.

Eiffel Tower | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Find an outdoor café to people watch while enjoying an aperitif and a light supper.

Day 2

Louvre | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Start your day early at the Louvre before the crowd (alternatively, you can end your day at the Louvre if visiting on a Wednesday or Friday for extended hours).

Cross the Pont des Arts and walk east on Quai de Conti to the St. Michel neighbourhood to find a huge assortment of inexpensive cafés, restaurants and little shops.

Walk south to spend an hour or so relaxing in the Jardin de Luxembourg. Once rested, set your sights on the Tour de Montparnasse (included in the Paris Museum Pass), for the best views of the city.

Jardin Luxembourg | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Jardin Luxembourg | How to see Paris in 48 Hours Jump on the Hop On/Hop Off bus (included in the Paris Museum Pass) to see any sights or parts of the city you may have missed. Get off at the Louvre (see the Pyramid at night), walk a few short block east on Rue de Rivoli for dinner in the Marais district.

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    1. simplysojourns Post author

      Haha! That’s too funny. I think I would have done the same if my husband would not have wanted to cycle through the Alps. It’s so easy to get caught up in the reverie of Paris.

  1. Shobha

    This is a pretty concise way of seeing Paris if you have limited time! It’s a bit of a shame though to rush through this city. Part of its charm are exploring its sideways and cafes and stores.

    1. simplysojourns Post author

      We did this all on foot. You’re right – doing this tour with 3 kids may add an extra 24hrs. But it would be totally worth it because you’d be in Paris afterall!

    1. simplysojourns Post author

      I agree! It’s really too bad when you can’t give a proper amount of time to each city you visit.

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