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Hi there and welcome to Simply Sojourns!

My name is Amanda – I’m a small town girl from Northern Ontario now living in Ottawa. I love to travel and I love to write. This blog is where I write my travel reviews, recommendations and experiences.


Amanda | Simply Sojourns

I have a partner-in-crime. His name is Mark. He’s an endurance athlete and also loves to travel. We travel together and he will more often than not be my faithful photographer and cameraman.

My love for all things travel and wander sprouted in 2010 while on a university course trip to Greece with 30 other classmates. We traveled the Peloponnese for three weeks in style on a tour bus, but also experienced some not-so-luxurious realities: pickpockets, strikes, military-presence and poverty.

About me | Simply Sojourns

When I returned to Canada, travels were put on hold while I continued school and Mark started his career. We began traveling to one large destination a year – starting with New York City.

Over the years, our mutual love of endurance sports has allowed us to race in some pretty neat locations which has expanded our travel destinations. Currently, I am slowly progressing through my goal of running one half marathon in each Canadian province. You can read about it here: Half Marathon Challenge.


We often combine racing and travel to maximize our travel experience. Cycling and running in unknown regions allow us the opportunity to see the surrounding neighbourhoods and regions of major cities. It’s good to get off the beaten track!

About me | Simply SojournsIt was not until 2013 when I returned to Greece (this time with Mark in tow) that our wanderlust fully bloomed and the insatiable travel bug refused to be satisfied. I began to prioritize travel above all things which lead me to reading numerous blogs and following many travelers on social media platforms.

Simply Sojourns was born in July 2015 after gathering the courage to begin documenting my own travel experiences, tips, photographs and stories.

While I currently work full-time, I continue to expand my destinations and cross-off items from my adventure list. I tend to maximize my annual leaves and stretch weekends into into long weekends to explore neighbourhoods near and far.

About me | Simply Sojourns

My goal is to show you that everyone can travel! You certainly don’t need a trust fund account to travel in style and see the world. I hope to inspire the wanderlusters, the armchair-travelers, the adventure-seekers and everyone in between to live out your dream!

Travel is about seeing all the wonders this world has to offer, meeting amazing people and learning from different cultures along the way. I hope to inspire you to start planning that dream getaway and get on the open road!

Happy and safe travels!

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