HP Envy 4500 Review

HP Envy 4500 – Design and Features

The HP Envy 4500 is a position of safety black box, somewhat taller than the Envy 120, however, more watchful than its fundamental sub-£50 contenders. It does this by utilizing a comparable, two-cartridge print motor, with a dark and a tri-shading cartridges. This makes the machine simpler to keep up, however, can result in ink wastage, on the off chance that you print a ton of one shading.

HP Envy 4500

The 1,200ppi flatbed scanner has no Automatic Document Feed (ADF), which you wouldn’t expect in this class of machine, yet the top is significant and maintains a strategic distance from the unique finger impression eager, polished completion of prior models.

The control board, on a steeply raked fascia at the front, has a 50mm LCD show set into it. This is bizarre in a passage level across the board, however HP has conserved by utilizing a mono LCD. This isn’t as confining as it may appear. Despite the fact that you can’t see thumbnails of photographs, the printer has no card or USB openings, so there’s little require any HP Envy 4500


HP Envy 4500 – Display

The front board overlays down and winds up both feed and yield plate, utilizing a swing-out and overlap up help in the front edge of the plate – a fundamentally the same as taught to Canon’s FastFront. Here, however, the plate hauls out for simpler paper stacking. It can take A4 sheets and photograph paper down to 15 x 10cm.

Pivoting up the top scanner area gives great access to the twin cartridges, which slide forward into their holder and are held set up by two flip-over switches.

At the back is a solitary USB attachment, however the vast majority will interface by means of remote, as this offers access to Wireless Direct print from cell phones, including both Android and iOS through AirPrint. You can likewise download HP’s Printable pages, the vast majority of which are shaded and join-the-spots style diversions for you or your children.

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Get the Best Printer for Home Business

Building a business is not something as easy as you think, there are so many things you have to consider. In this case, if you are looking for a good start in building your business, you need to prepare every equipment that will support your business. The printer is one of the essential things you have to prepare before running the business. When it comes to you to choose the printer for a small business in the home, you need to choose the ones that are available in the good quality. From the brand to the durability, you need to make sure that everything is perfectly prepared.

The List of Recommended Printers for Home

Running a business at home is a challenge as you need to make sure that you can make a balance between the business and domestic activities. When it comes to you to improve your way of working easily, you can rely on the best printer that is designed for the small business. Of course, choosing a printer is not something easy. If you start your business, it means you need to get everything prepared. Thus, choosing the printer will be a good thing to do. It will be more than a printer, but also a multi-function tool in the home office. Here are some recommendations for you:

  1. The first printer you can try is Ricoh SP-213w. This printer is somehow affordable with a good specification. With the printing speed at 22ppm, you can get the printing result on some paper sizes, making it be really good for every home office. You can also get the double-sided printing easily. But, you will have to deal with the noisy operation of the printer.
  2. The second printer that is recommended for you is Samsung Xpress M2835DW that will be a perfect choice when you choose a mono printer. With 28ppm paper printing speed, you will work in a good way as you get productive. But, you can only print mono when choosing this printer, which means you cannot get a multi-function feature in this device.
  3. Then, you can also choose HP PageWide Pro 477dw. This unique printer is a good one that will be suitable for everyone who is looking for a good connectivity between the printer and the device. Of course, this printer will also help you to print fast as it has a printing speed of 55 ppm. But, it’s not designed beautifully, making it quite dull to be placed in your office.

Those are the recommendations of the good printers that will be suitable with your style. Those printers provide fast printing and good for the home office with many documents that need to be printed. But, if you want to choose a multi-function device, you can choose some other printers that will give you the best result. The modern printers are also designed with scanner and copier, making it as a complete package for your home office. But, it doesn’t mean that when you choose those mentioned printers you cannot work properly. You can use them optimally.

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HP Printer VS Cannon Printer: Which Is Better?

Are you looking for a new printer? You can go with HP or Cannon for the affordable printers. Both printers are popular with its lower cost for the printer than another brand. That is why you can find many people use both of the printer in their office and even their house. However, you have to note that the cheaper price does not always appear along with the lower quality. Although both of them have an affordable price, you will still get the high quality printer like a pro. So, which is better? HP or Cannon? If you are too confused to choose between both of them, so here is a short review that might help you.

How Good the HP Printer Is

HP is one of the most favorite printers for every business or even house needs. You can easily find that most of the offices, colleges, and even house use this printer for their needs. So, how is good the HP printer?

  • The Text Print Quality

Since there are a lot of series from HP, it will choose some of the best one. Based on the text print quality, HP has OfficeJet 4650 AND Envy 5540 which both of them have good quality for document with small details. It can print very smooth transitions and even got details on the smaller font size.

  • The Glossy Print Production

For the glossy photo print, the HP has no special quality. It still has a shadowy effect on some areas for the glossy paper printing. For up to latest series, HP still cannot win over another brand for the glossy photo printing.

  • Print Speed

For the print speed, HP has a capacity up to 8.6 ppm generally. For the fastest one, HP has OfficeJet 4650 which has printing speed up to 9.1 ppm. Meanwhile, for the graphics printing, the HP only appears for 2.1 ppm which is slower than Cannon.

How Good the Canon Printer Is

On the other hand, Cannon comes to be another favorite and most popular printer for every aspect of business and needs. To compare with HP, here are the quality from Canon printers:

  • The Text Print Quality

For the high quality document, you can count on Canon printer. It has been known as book-worthy printing for the high quality printing on paper. One of the best printers from Cannon which has this high quality is TS6020 which can print up to 9.8 ppm.

  • The Glossy Print Production

For the glossy printing, Cannon is not too different with HP. Both of them still can yet to produce the best picture on glossy paper without any bold shadowy effect on it. However, the Canon TS6020 still can produce the natural color which is well-saturated.

  • Print Speed

On average, Canon printers have capability up to 7.7 ppm which is slower than HP in general. However, in specific for TS6020 is winning over the HP OfficeJet 4650. It has printing speed up to 9.8 ppm. You can even print a full letter size of the photo only in 54 seconds.

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The Differences Between Inkjet and Laser Printer

The printer is one of the best machines that has been found in making every kind of job easily. At the first, the printer has a main function to print out the document from device to paper. On the other words, it can print the document that you have as soft copy on your device to be a hard copy. Then, it develops into some different functions along with additional features which are the best ones. Moreover, the printer also develops into some different types which have a different function too. The most common printer that will be used are inkjet and laser printer. So, what is the difference between these two printers? Is there any huge different function between them? For further information, just check this out!

The Inkjet Printer VS The Laser Printer: What does Make Them Different?

Actually, various printers have been introduced in a different style for different function. In general, you can conclude that between the inkjet and laser printer have a different function for printing document needs. To get what makes them different is, here are the several points that will give you more details on both printers:

  • Text Print Quality

Actually, it is kind of difficult and little bit tricky to compare the quality between laser and inkjet printer. As mentioned before, both printers were built for different use. For the text print, both of them have the same quality for a normal font which is up to 12pt. However, if you need to print lower font size so that the laser printer is winning over the inkjet printer. With its technology and system, the laser printer has the capability to produce high quality text even small text and dots.

  • Color Print Quality

Actually, the main difference between the laser and the inkjet printer are the color production. Most of the laser printer is only capable of one kind of color such as black and white only or colors only. Meanwhile, you can use various colors in one inkjet printer.

That is why the inkjet printer is better than the laser printer for full-color printing. Either for a full page or small dots, the inkjet has better quality in printing colors. It happens since the inkjet has the capability to reproduce more subtle gradation colors while the laser will only display the saturation color. Moreover, sometimes you will find that the laser printers will produce bulkier color.

  • Print Speed

Although the laser printer is not recommended for its color print quality, it is the winner for the high-speed printer. You can print black and white document faster by using the laser printer. That is why the laser printer is highly recommended for a business that has high flow documents’ production. Then, you can also print up to 20 pages for every minute for this printer. Meanwhile, the inkjet printer is slower which only can print up to 6 pages for every minute in black and white color. It must be a huge difference between the laser printer and the inkjet printer. So, if you need to produce more document in fast so the laser printer is one of the best recommendations for fast workflow.

  • Cost

Basically, there is no such huge difference for both prices. Even for a basic model or multifunction model, both the laser and the inkjet printer nearly have the same price. For the printer itself, you will go with the inkjet printer as the cheaper one since you can afford it only for not more than $70 while you have to purchase the laser printer for $130. However, the inkjet printer will not come with the starter cartridge which means you still need an additional cost to first buy.

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Finding the Best HP Printer and Its Compatible Drivers

The printer can be considered as one of the most needed devices you need to have when you work at home. Indeed, choosing the printer means you will equip the work in the home office efficiently. But, above all, you can choose some things that will be perfect. One of the leading printer brands in the world is HP. Of course, there must be so many HP drivers that are available online. By choosing them, you can find the best way to improve the productivity at the office. You will also get the best experience when choosing the drivers due to the simplicity in its design.

HP has been one of the leading brands when it comes to the printer and other computer-related business. Their products have been distributed worldwide with so many designs and attractive look. Of course, you will never find any difficulty when choosing the printer for your business. When it comes to you to find the best printer, you might like to choose the one from HP. They also have so many beautiful designs that will make it stylish to be placed on your home office desk. But, there are also so many things to consider when you choose the printer from this brand.

How to Make Sure the HP Printer Works

Choosing HP printer means you can get the best one for your home or even a small office. The printer will work perfectly as there are so many features that are available. The modern printer will be good for you as there are plenty of unique features. As you choose the printer, you will also get the scanner and copier features. Some modern HP printers are also good for everyone who is looking or a good printing quality. Choosing it means you will get the best way to improve the printer work. Therefore, you need to also know the method to improve it. One thing you can be sure is about how you find the HP drivers. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Choose the website that will provide the driver that is suitable for your need. When it comes to you to choose the website, make sure that you choose the trusted website that has been used by many people to download them. Some websites are also recommended by the fellow internet users, making sure that you get the best driver that is perfectly compatible with your printer model.
  2. If you have chosen the website, you can get the best by finding the home page. There, you can choose in some categories. As there are some categories on the website, you will be able in finding the ones by choosing the brand. There are plenty of brands available on the website, making every user easier in getting the driver that is perfectly fit with their printer.
  3. Then, you just have to download them. Click the download button, save the file and make sure you get them for Many websites provide the free version of the printer drivers, making it as something easy for you to consider. Therefore, you will have the most important part when choosing the printer for your need in the home office.
  4. If you have downloaded the HP drivers, then all you have to do is to install the file in your computer. Installing it should not take a long time as you just have to get them simply. Wait a minute and your new driver is available and ready to use. Don’t forget to check them before you really use them. Simply try to get them easily so you can get the best result when using them.

Making sure that the driver is perfectly working on your computer, you can start choosing the best way to improve the work. In this case, you must know that choosing the most compatible driver will make it good for your computer. You should also remember that you can get the most suitable design by finding the best driver. If you find any error when you use them, you should download the driver again so you have to best one that actually works on your computer. Among all of the HP drivers, you can choose the one that is perfectly suitable for you. So, now you know the tips, make sure you get the best of it!

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What Is the Best Scanner for Office Needs?

Nowadays, printer and scanner are the two most important items for every kind of business. That is why you can easily find the recent collaboration of printer and scanner at once. Moreover, All in 3 comes as the most effective and compatible tools for business needs. It is a printer which has a function also as scanner and fax. However, scanner machine itself is still needed. You need the scanning document only when it comes to your business. Although there are a lot of multifunction machines, you still need the best scanner to help your work done faster. One of the best recommendation brands for the scanner is HP which has been popular for every business. It comes with various series which are the best for helping your office.

The Recommended HP Scanner for Office

Actually, there are a lot of brand for scanners but HP is one of the most popular. Mostly in every office already have this brand for helping their job. Like another brand, HP also introduced various kind of scanners which are highly recommended for business. What are they? Here are the best recommendation for your office:

  • HP ScanJet Pro 2000

The first recommendation comes for HP ScanJet Pro 2000. It has a capacity of up to 2000 pages for a day. This quantity might be the best for place or business which handle such big documents for every day. Although it has a high capacity for scanning document, it still has compatible and small size. You do not need to give more space for it. Moreover, you do not need for warming up like others’ scanner usually do. It will be working faster without warming up at the first. Moreover, it can load 50 pages of the document automatically at once which means it helps to do the job much faster. For the price, you can bring this scanner to your office for only $300.

  • HP ScanJet Pro 3000

Like its name, the HP ScanJet Pro 3000 has a bigger capacity than the Pro 2000 series. It is compatible for a business which can produce more than 3500 pages for per day. Moreover, it can capture up to 35 ppm/70 ppm on both sides at once which means it has superb work. What makes it even greater is you can control or scan through your mobile device easily, with the best sensor system, you can handle the scanner to connect with your device everywhere. For the price, it has a higher price based on its capacity. You can afford this scanner for about $430.

  • HP ScanJet Enterprise

If you are not too satisfied yet with the capacity of two scanners above, so the HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow is the best recommendation. You can get more than 6000 documents for scanning with this scanner in one day. It is such a big capacity for a scanner, isn’t it? Its workflow also comes with the powerful accuracy and speed which will give high quality document like a pro. Moreover, it can scan the document up to an A3 size which will be more effective for every kind of document that will be used. However, it has a bigger size which will not be a  big deal for such good function. Only with $700, you will get this special and fastest scanner from HP.

So, which will the scanner be chosen? To make an easy decision, you can choose and buy the scanner which has function nearly as your office needs. If your office has a high flow in making documents, so you need the scanner with high speed and durability. If there is limited space for a scanner in your office, so you can choose the scanner with smaller or mini size. Just make it simpler.

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A Brief Guide to Purchase New Projectors

For every office, the projectors are just like the simple thing that will help you to do anything. Especially if your office frequently holds a meeting, you can choose the best projectors that will make your office to be more colorful and your presentation more attractive. Indeed, the importance of the projectors will be so much needed as you choose them for your presentation. Purchasing a good projector means you will have a good presentation experience. So, it will also be an investment as you choose the best device to support your business.

As long as the projectors are good, you can perform perfectly. In this case, you need to make sure that you have chosen a good projector for your office. There are some people who complain about the image quality as they use the projector that is not good enough to project the good image from the computers to the medium. Of course, you don’t want it to happen as you choose to make good company branding. Therefore, you need to know the best way to find a good projector for your office. But, you don’t need to be worried as there are some tips that will be useful to you.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a New Projector

Choosing a projector will never be easy. Comparing between brands is one of the most difficult things you need to do when purchasing them. But, it is important for everyone who wants to get the best quality of the wanted projectors. By choosing the projector, you will find it to be a perfect thing for your office need. But, choosing the most suitable one is not as easy as it seems. So, how should you choose them for getting the best one? Choose them based on these considerations:

  1. The first thing you need to consider about a projector is about the color. Some products might get a good color quality, making sure that it can project enough color to the medium. It will also help you to find the best quality of the projectors. Besides, choosing the projector with the best color will also make it more detailed, making the presentation crisper and vivid.
  2. You need to also see the connectivity. Some ports might need to be considered before you choose them to be brought to your office. The connectivity needs to be really considered as it will support the way you connect the projectors to any computer in the office. Besides, you can also choose the best aspects of choosing the ports and the design is one of the most important things, to make sure that it is actually functional.
  3. The other features need to be considered. For example, you can choose the best way of finding the most important part in choosing the projector which has the Bluetooth technology so you can choose them as a wireless device to connect to your computer. Of course, it will be helpful for any connectivity in your presentation.
  4. The price needs to be considered, too. However, choosing a projector will also need your consideration in deciding the budget. If you can choose the one with an affordable price, of course, you can choose them simply for the office. Compare the sellers to make sure you have the best one with the cheapest price.

See, choosing a good projector is not difficult at all. Purchasing the projector is one thing you need to do to support the office’s operational. By choosing them, you can get the most appropriate way of improving your team’s quality in presenting the latest project and plans.

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