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Brussels Points of Interest

Brussels Points of Interest

Brussels was a stop over between western and eastern Europe. I was making my way to Hungary and the cheapest flight to Budapest was from Brussels. I jumped on a train from Rotterdam to Brussels to check out the European capital. Chocolate, waffles, frites et moules, beer – Brussels is a real foodie destination! I tried to see and do as much as I could over two days.

Grand Place or Grote Markt

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

The central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by elaborately decorated buildings.  One of the two larger buildings is the city’s Town Hall. The second large building is the Breadhouse building with the Museum of the City of Brussels. The square is a popular tourist destination. I would recommend visiting early in the morning and watching the bakers deliver fresh bread to the restaurants.

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

If you are looking to snap a photo of the Mannequin Pis, you can do so on your way to the Grand Place. It’s only a few blocks away. This, too, I would recommend getting to early in the morning as a crowd tends to surround this little guy all day.

Street Art

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns     Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

The street art is Brussels is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Many murals are inspired by famous Belgian artists such as Hergé, author of TinTin. Local artists pay homage by replicating the original artist’s style. Walk around central Brussels and have fun spotting elaborate and beautiful murals.

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

A large public park in the eastern part of the city. The park and the original buildings were commissioned by the Belgian government under the King Leopold II for the 1880 commemoration the fiftieth anniversary of Belgian independence. The triumphal arch was erected in 1905 replacing a previous version of the arch. It is a beautiful green space in a quiet area of the city. It’s perfect for reading, resting or doing some yoga.

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

Waffle Workshop

Brussels Points of Interest | Simply Sojourns

If you do one activity in Brussels make sure you join Titch’s Waffle Workshop. Learn the techniques to perfect the waffle and leave with the coveted waffle recipe. Read all about it here: Waffle Workshop.


Brussels need to know!

Currency: Euro
Languages: Dutch, French, regional Flemish, and Germany
Airports: Zaventem Airport (BRU) and Charleroi Airport (CRL)
Train station: Brussels Midi Train Station
Accommodation: Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre (centrally located near the train station and the Grand Place)

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8 thoughts on “Brussels Points of Interest”

  • My memory of Brussels is getting terribly lost there :)! We had a rental car and were driving around France and Belgium – it was Easter and very few people were out. This was before GPS systems and we couldn’t find anyone out to ask directions from so we found a pub that was open and we still got horribly lost. I’m going to have to go back sometime and just enjoy not being lost. But I did enjoy Belgium and what we saw there!

  • Brussels is such a cool city! I went many years ago and have wanted to return ever since. I need to eat more of those delicious waffles. By the way, you have given me a good idea. I am thinking about flying to Budapest next year in order to start a trip around the Balkans. I am having problems finding a cheap flight. I have to check if connecting thru Brussels make sense. #WeekendWanderlust

  • Waffle Workshop?!?!? It’s not easy to get BOTH of us in a cooking class or culinary demonstration, but that would certainly do it! Of course, the trick first is to get us out of the chocolate shops in Brussels. 😉 Thanks for linking up on #WeekendWanderlust!

  • This post really makes me want to go back to Brussels again! We were there in late November a few years back and just love the Christmas Markets. They were so awesome. Thanks for sharing these great places to visit on our next trip.

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