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The Most Charming Towns in Tuscany

The Most Charming Towns in Tuscany

One of our favourite things about Tuscany was driving around the country side and discovering charming Tuscan cities and towns. We purposely avoided main highways and opted for smaller roads when we drove around Tuscany one day. We couldn’t see everything in one day, but we absolutely loved the rolling hills, the perfectly lined fields of grape trees, and the striking green and gold landscapes.


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Many examples of Gothic architecture are featured in Siena located south of Florence. Siena was recently made famous when featured in a scene in James Bond’s Quantum of Solace. The city main square, Il Campo, is a large piazza featuring the tall tower Torre del Mangia. In Siena, you can climb Torre del Mangia, visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and taste the local pappardelle dish.


Lucca | The Most Charming Towns in Tuscany
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Lucca, situated at the foot of the Apuan Alps, is surprisingly flat – a welcome change from the rest of the Tuscan hilled-cities. This city is a great place for history lovers. Roman archaeological remains are found throughout the city. Go local and walk along of the ancient city walls.

San Gimignano

The Most Charming Town in Tuscany | Simply Sojourns

San Gimignano is a city situated between Florence and Siena. The city is famous for the large brick towers erected in the Middle Ages by the prominent and wealthy men of the city.


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High brick walls surround the medieval city of Montepulciano . The city sits atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Val d’Orcia valley. The city has attracted a lot of attention after being a filming location for Twilight film New Moon. Bring good shoes as the city is quite hilly.


The Most Charming Towns in Tuscany | Simply Sojourns
Photo courtesy of Discover Tuscany
Prato is a medieval city made wealthy from trading textiles and and wood. The city receives very few international tourists compared to other Tuscan cities which makes the environment fairly calm. Be sure to have an authentic biscotti from a café in the Piazza Mercatale.

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The Most Charming Towns in Tuscany | Simply Sojourns

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