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Four Dumb Things I Have Done While Travelling

Four Dumb Things I Have Done While Travelling


I left my iPad in the hostel kitchen

The morning I was scheduled to take the train from Amsterdam to Den Haag, I woke up in my hostel bunk fairly early and quietly dressed and packed as to not wake my roommates.

In the kitchen, I ate my remaining food from the kitchen and read the news from my iPad.  I left my iPad on the table (with a croissant sitting on top) as I washed my dirty dishes. I went to my pack leaning against the couch, re-adjusted its contents, pulled it on my back and away I went. After walking two blocks my mind drifted to the croissant I had saved to eat as a snack on the train. Wait, I thought. I don’t remember packing my croissant. Shit! I had left in on the table along with my iPad!!

I ran back to the hostel, waited anxiously in the elevator as it brought me to the 6th floor and hurriedly opened the door to the hostel. My iPad (and croissant) was on the same ttable where I left it.

We took a taxi two blocks from the bus station to the hotel

Mark and I arrived in Nafplio in the late evening on the bus from Athens. Having no map, no offline Google maps, and having ran the Athens Marathon that very morning, we had no idea where our hotel was in the city. We grabbed the nearest cab, gave the driver the address to our hotel and away we went. Two blocks. The taxi driver drove two, short blocks from the bus stand to our hotel. We probably could have walked faster.

Not taking time to learn the currency conversion

I have a problem with numbers. That problem doubles when it comes to currency. It even triples after the consumption of drinks. In Budapest with my best friend, we decided to kill some time by having a few drinks in a bar.

We asked for the tab. The bartender told us they only accepted cash. Between both of us, we didn’t have enough Hungarian forints to pay.  I ran to the nearest ATM for a withdrawal. My intention was the withdraw the equivalent of $60CDN.

At the ATM, I could not complete the conversion fast enough in my head without looking like the dunce taking forever to withdraw some money. I selected an amount and returned to pay the bill. That evening I realized I had withdrawn $300CDN.

Locked myself out of my hotel room

Four Dumb Things I Have Done Travelling | Simply Sojourns

In 2010, I spent three weeks in Greece as part of a University course. I shared my hotel rooms with two other fantastic girls. The hotel in Corinth provided only one key to split between the three of us.

We all left for the day. I returned to the hotel before the other two sans key desperate to get into my room cold and wet from the rain. No problem, I thought. Our room is on the main floor. I can probably swing my leg over the balcony railing and squeeze through the window. Using a ceramic pot for some height, as I swung my leg over the railing to our private balcony, the pot broke and all my weight and momentum fell on my right leg that was perched on the railing. I still managed to squeeze through the window. The less-than-stealthy move left a massive bruise on my thigh and I needed to replace the ceramic pot.

What less-than-brilliant things have you done on your travels?

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