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GPS Guided Travel App

GPS Guided Travel App

Gps Guided Travel App | Simply Sojourns

I read a lot of travel articles. Which means I pin, tweet/re-tweet, post and bookmark a lot of travel articles. All of this is done in the hope that I’ll refer to the priceless advice when I visit certain locales. The problem is finding landmarks mentioned in an article on the fly can be time consuming. Writing them in a journal or on a large map to refer to while I’m out exploring can be inconvenient.

The other problem is precious data and WiFi availability. You may not want to use too much data if you are not in your home country and sometimes WiFi is not always easily or freely available. I’ve taken numerous screenshots of maps, directions, lists, in order to get around this problem.

Imagine if you could be guided via GPS without using your data all from a travel article! GPSmyCity does just that!

Be your own tour guide!

GPS Guide Travel App | Simply Sojourns

GSPmyCity is a free app available on Apple and Android* devices and it allows you to follow tour routes, identify landmarks, and find other locations (local transit, restaurants, etc.) all using the GPS on your phone. The best part of this app is that no data or WiFi necessary once the app is downloaded.

(* Please note the Android version is still in the making.)

Browse a number of different DIY walking tours. There are thousands of articles for hundreds of cities! Each tour comes complete with the total of hours to complete the tour and the number of sights visited. In-App purchases ranging from $2 to $4 can be made to add the following features: tour route map, walking directions and compass. It’s a pretty good deal considering most tour guides can charge up to ten times that price for each person in your group.

The beauty of these walking tours is that you can go at your own pace and spend as much or as little time at each sight as you’d like. Admire a certain landmark holding a special meaning as long as you’d like without getting shuffled along by the tour guide.

Free Giveaway!

GPSmycity and I are giving away “Top Ten Things to do in Budapest” from September 26th to October 2nd. You’ll need to download the GPSmycity app if you haven’t done so already. Not planning on visiting Budapest anytime soon? Download it anyway and it may provide some inspiration to buy those plane tickets!

Happy travels!






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