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I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour

I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour

When I began researching activities in Reykjavik, a walking tour is something I really wanted to do because oddly enough, I had never done a city walking tour. Of the countless tour sites I visited, the I Heart Reykjavik site caught my attention. The site is well organized, modern and from the articles you can really tell Auður loves her city. Her site even includes short, handy podcasts on all things Iceland and Reykjavik (including the ever useful Icelandic word pronunciations).

The best part about I Heart Reykjavik is that it’s a local small business – do you need another reason to get on board?

I took Auður’s advice and attended the I Heart Reykjavik walking tour on my first day. Àsta was waiting for the tour group outside Hallgrimskirkja near the Leifur Erikison statue shortly before 10:00am. She was highly visible with a large button on her lapel with the I Heart Reykjavik logo. We were a small group – 5 people including Àsta which was a perfect intimate group.

I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour - Simply Sojourns
She promptly began the tour at the sound of the bells of Hallgrimskirkja. Àsta spoke slowly which was great because it made us feel like the tour was not rushed and it gave me time to process all the information. She encouraged our questions and even talked about what other tour groups had asked on previous tours.

I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour | Simply Sojourns
The street art in Reykjavik is stunning and so imaginative!

In the interest of not giving it all away, I won’t divulge too much (I want you to visit Reykjavik and take the tour after all!), but here are a few things I can tell you:

The tour lasted two hours and we took a short warm-up/coffee break half way. The air was a bit chilly so the warm coffee shop was a welcomed break.

Àsta covered more than just Reykjavik. She went over Icelandic history, customs, art, culture and norms. It was great having some explain certain things. For instance, Icelanders keep windows open throughout the year. They aren’t concerned about heating costs as their electricity is generated through thermal heating. Who knew?!

The Icelandic people are clever vandals: someone (or a group of people) has been placing little figurines on street signs, door frames and window frames. It’s quite a fun activity to spot them all!

I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour - Simply Sojourns
We were made to feel very comfortable and more than just customers. Àsta made us feel like friends and it was very obvious she loves her city and her country. She was happy to show off and tell us everything! Àsta talked about her hometown on the east coast of the country which gave us all a great little insight in Icelandic daily life outside of Reykjavik.

The I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour is a great way to get accustomed to the layout of the city, learn the history of Iceland and Reykjavik, and learn a few Icelandic words. A highly recommended tour and not to be missed!

I was a guest on the I Heart Reykjavik Walking Tour but all opinions are my own. All photos by Amanda Holmes.




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