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Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik, Iceland

Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik, Iceland


I arrived at Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik shortly after 8 am – a few hours before regular check in so I really didn’t expect my room to be available. The lobby was a frenzy of high energy people – some going to and leaving the breakfast lounge while others waited for tour bus pick up.

I was greeted with a smile at the reception desk and was informed that my room would indeed be ready this early after a few minutes wait. I proceeded to have my first meal in Reykjavik in the breakfast lounge. After a 5hr flight and walking 2km against the wind I was rightly ravished.

The Room

My room, a standard single, was Spartan but that took nothing away from its comfort and breathtaking views. The room was equipped with a double bed, two bedside tables, two reading lamps, a closet and a little stool. The mattress was covered with a flannel sheet that made sleeping so cozy after a day in the wind and cold of Reykjavik.

The room was small and the hotel was an excellent base for exploring Reykjavik. When all you need is a pillow and a roof over your head, Hotel Cabin is really the ideal hotel.

Hotel Cabin Reykjavik Iceland| Simply Sojourns

The room was clean and brightly lit by the large window facing the ocean and the mountains. Don’t be surprised if the window is open when you arrive. It’s common for Icelanders to leave windows open a small crack and the room won’t be as cold as expected.

Common Spaces

The main lobby was a large, comfortable space with love seats and armchairs. Doubling as a waiting area and happy hour gathering space, the main lobby is a great place to chat with fellow travelers.

There are additional communal spaces on each floor with the same comfortable seating as in the lobby. It’s a great place to catch up on Twitter or spend a cozy evening reading.

Hotel Cabin Reykjavik Iceland| Simply Sojourns

The dining room for breakfast and salad bar in the afternoon was large with many seating spaces. That being said, there is an extra breakfast area on the 7th floor with additional seating and food if required. Breakfast was typically crackers, a variety of meats and cheeses, some produce, skyr (Icelandic yogurt), cereal and jams. Everything was always fresh and staff continually replenished the food as needed.

Hotel Cabin Reykjavik Iceland | Simply Sojourns

Additional info

Hotel staff were always very friendly and helpful. I approached the reception desk a few times with questions and staff were always happy to help me out. I was even obliged when I asked about the customs of the Icelandic thermal baths (I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself as a foreigner).

Though Hotel Cabin is not located in a high tourist area of Reykjavik, I could argue that is one of its appealing features. I was closer to more locale happenings and was able to take advantage quick easily of the great Icelandic custom: the thermal bath.

From Hotel Cabin you can easily access downtown Reykjavik from three bus routes. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a bus. There is also a grocery store, liquor store, pharmacy and bank all within a 2 minute walk.

Know before you go

Name: Hotel Cabin
Price: Range $110-$260 (CDN)
Breakfast: Continental breakfast is extra and paid with your reservation
Front desk: 24 hours
WiFi: Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
Extra: Rent a car or bike on site. There is also a neat souvenir shop in the lobby.

I was a guest at Hotel Cabin, but all opinions are my own. All photos and videos by Amanda Holmes.

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