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Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels

Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels

We all connect Belgium with waffles and beer so when I started looking into activities in Brussels, I was thrilled when I came across the Waffle Workshop. This would give me a chance to do some cooking while having an authentic Belgian experience! The workshop is a great opportunity to learn about the history of the waffle (yes, there is one), make authentic waffles, top your golden gauffres, and bring home the coveted recipe.

The Waffle Workshop runs daily and participants can book directly on your website. You’ll meet Titch – the master chef – in the Grand Place for a waffle history lesson and short walk around the neighbourhood. Titch described the differences between the Liège waffle and the Belgium waffle. All of this was new to me; I had no idea there were differences and such allegiances to one’s waffle preference.

Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels | Simply Sojourns Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels | Simply Sojourns

Our small group of waffle enthusiasts proceeded to the workshop space where Titch had laid out the tools and all the ingredients. We were then presented with the most important piece of paper of the evening: the waffle recipe (not pictured – it’s top secret, of course).

Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels | Simply Sojourns

From the recipe, Titch explained the use of each ingredient in relation to creating the perfect waffle. The whole process is highly scientific and the ingredients all fit with one another. The process truly creates the perfect chemical reaction for the perfect, golden waffle. I noticed a few ingredients I do not use in my own waffle recipe that may explain why my waffles are always a bit tasteless and soft.

We worked in groups of two or three people. When we needed to mix the batter, we each took turns because that waffle batter really tires out those arm muscles!

Each waffle took roughly 5 minutes in the iron, give or take. The whole process was almost magical. While we waited we had the pleasure of getting to know each other. Many were travelers and it was fun learning where everyone called home. It was really neat to see what kind of waffles each of us liked : lightly golden, golden brown and dark brown.

Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels Belgium | Simply Sojourns

The best part, of course, was adding toppings to the waffle using powdered sugar, whipped cream, fruit, chocolate sauce, Nutella and honey. We were encouraged to be as creative as we wished!

Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels Belgium | Simply Sojourns

Titch was a great host! Offering us drinks and making us feel welcome in his space at the Waffle Workshop. He has a wealth of knowledge on waffles and his home town of Brussels. Titch knows all the good spots – just ask!

Good to know

  • The workshop runs for 90 minutes.
  • Dietary restriction modifications can be requested at the time of booking (i.e. vegan, gluten-free).
  • A free drink is offered while you are hard-at-work on your waffle making skills.
  • It is recommended that you do not eat before you tour – it’s all you can eat waffles after all!
  • You can also join a pub crawl hosted by Titch in the evening: Brussels Pub Crawl

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Making Authentic Waffles in Brussels Belgium | Simply Sojourns






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