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Paris Photo Tour

Paris Photo Tour

There is so much to see and do and photograph in Paris – it’s hard to do all three at once! Solution: Localer’s Paris Photo Tour. A three hour walking tour with a Parisian local and photographer showing you all the best places, sharing interesting facts and tidbits all while taking beautiful photographs of you enjoying your Paris experience.

Palais Royal | Paris Photo Tour

Fountain | Paris Photo Tour

Mark and I chose this tour to be able to fully enjoy Paris and have fabulous photo souvenirs. Sometimes selfies just don’t cut it. Also, as this was our honeymoon, we felt that this was something special.

The booking process with Localers was extremely simple. We received an email confirmation and instructions on where and when we were to meet our photographer tour guide. We met Bruno outside the beautiful Hotel du Louvre at 10am and we started right away.

Louvre | Paris Photo Tour

Dip| Paris Photo Tour

The tour began and Mark and I were already starry-eyed with the incredible architecture of the surrounding buildings. We began at the Palais-Royal and the stunning courtyard and gardens which is now home to Daniel Buren’s “Les Deux Plateaux.” The garden is a quiet place with very few tourists (they are too busy at the Louvre across the street). It would be a fantastic place to get away from the crowds at the Louvre for a picnic lunch.

Quai du Louvre | Paris Photo Tour

After snapping a few photos around the courtyard and garden, we continued on our way to the Louvre. It was still early enough that there were not many people in the courtyard of the museum. We were able to admire the architecture and craftsmanship and listen to stories told by Bruno.

We continued to cover more ground and made our way to the lower level of the Right Bank, across le Pont des Arts, the lower level of Ile de la Cité, a short tour around the Notre Dame Cathedral, the neighbourhood of St-Michel, Ile St Louis and a little into the Marais.

Pont des Arts | Paris Photo Tour

Pont des Arts | Paris Photo Tour

Bruno brought us to most major tourist spots for photos but he also showed us hidden areas that were not as crowded near the hot spots. Many of these little gems were quiet places where locals were going about their daily life.

Bench | Paris Photo Tour

Right Bank | Paris Photo Tour

My favourite spot of the tour was our stop on the Pont Saint-Louis which is accessible only from Ile de la Cité. The bridge is open only to pedestrians. A three-piece band was serenading pedestrians walking by. When the tour with Bruno was over, Mark and I returned to enjoy the band. Mark actually asked me to dance on the bridge – how could I say no?

Notre Dame | Paris Photo Tour

Needless to say I got my 10,000 steps that day! When the tour was over, Bruno handed us the memory card from his camera. We got to keep every photo he took that day! With over 400 photos, I’d say we have the best souvenir and memories from our Paris honeymoon.

Have you tried an alternative tour? Tell me about it in the comments!

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