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Quebec City Half Marathon

Quebec City Half Marathon


The Levis to Quebec City half marathon is the second half marathon in my quest to run a half marathon in every Canadian province and territory. This goal is under no specific timeline, but I would like to run at least one half marathon every year.

The 21.1km road race starts in Levis which is located across the St-Lawrence river from Quebec City. Participants catch the bus just past the farmer’s market in Quebec City that brings you to the start line. There are plenty of port-o-potties and trucks to place your bag of extra clothes/food/etc to pick up at the finish line.

We had pretty good weather for the race: overcast and mild, with just a little bit of rain.

The route was fairly flat with all the unpleasant hills at the beginning. The route along Champlain St is flat and can be a little dull. Luckily the aid stations were loud and exciting and there were local bands along the route to keep us distracted.

Watch the video below for the highlights. Sorry for the shaking camera in the last 60 seconds!

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