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The Best Food in Quebec

The Best Food in Quebec


Québec has a rich history and tradition of quality and delicious food. Aligned with its history of fur traders and coureurs des bois (runners of the woods), many Québec meals are simple and inexpensive.

Of course, as the province grew, its culinary side evolved. As Jewish immigrants began to settle in Montreal, the bagel has fast become a city staple. There are so many delicious foods to eat in the province of Québec, don’t be surprised if you gain a few pounds during your stay. Below are the best foods to try when you are visiting the province of Québec.


Poutine | The Best Food in Quebec

Fries, cheese curds and gravy – need I say more? This Canadian staple is found in many restaurants across the country. However, the Québec version of this delicacy will always have cheese curds as opposed to grated mozzarella (which is the norm in most other places in Canada).


Bagels | The Best Food in Quebec

We won’t start the NYC vs. MTL bagels debate, but one must try a few different Montreal bagels before making an informed decision. Arguably the best bagels in Montreal are found at St-Viateur in the Mile End neighbourhood.

Tire sur la neige

Tire sur la neige | The Best Food in Quebec

You’ll need to be in the province of Québec during the winter for this one (unless you’re in Québec City – they have a booth that sells these all year ’round). Warmed maple syrup is poured on a bed of snow then rolled up on a stick to make a maple lollipop. The snow cools the syrup just enough to hold it in place on the stick, but the syrup melts in your mouth instantly.


Québec is a cheese lovers destination! There are over 300 varieties of cheese in production in all parts of the province. Wherever you go, you will surely find a regional specialty that’ll please those cheese -lovin’ taste buds. One of the most famous brands is Oka from a monastery west of Montreal.


Tourtiere | The Best Food in Quebec

Tourtière, or meat pie, is what you will be served for lunch or dinner if you visit someone’s grandmother. Sunday afternoons are spent making many tourtières and freezing them. This pie will also be served on special occasions (Christmas, Easter, etc.) or for family dinners. It is made of ground pork and beef and seasoned with basic spices (thyme, sage, cloves and garlic). It’s basic, but it’s tasty!

Smoked Meat Sandwich

Smoked Meat | The Best Food in Quebec

You’ll find the best smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal. The deli meat is a salted beef brisket that is cured for about a week for maximum flavour absorption.  The sandwich is normally too big for any human mouth and it comes with pickles and fries on the side.

Have you tried any of these French Canadian delicacies?

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