The Differences Between Inkjet and Laser Printer

The printer is one of the best machines that has been found in making every kind of job easily. At the first, the printer has a main function to print out the document from device to paper. On the other words, it can print the document that you have as soft copy on your device to be a hard copy. Then, it develops into some different functions along with additional features which are the best ones. Moreover, the printer also develops into some different types which have a different function too. The most common printer that will be used are inkjet and laser printer. So, what is the difference between these two printers? Is there any huge different function between them? For further information, just check this out!

The Inkjet Printer VS The Laser Printer: What does Make Them Different?

Actually, various printers have been introduced in a different style for different function. In general, you can conclude that between the inkjet and laser printer have a different function for printing document needs. To get what makes them different is, here are the several points that will give you more details on both printers:

  • Text Print Quality

Actually, it is kind of difficult and little bit tricky to compare the quality between laser and inkjet printer. As mentioned before, both printers were built for different use. For the text print, both of them have the same quality for a normal font which is up to 12pt. However, if you need to print lower font size so that the laser printer is winning over the inkjet printer. With its technology and system, the laser printer has the capability to produce high quality text even small text and dots.

  • Color Print Quality

Actually, the main difference between the laser and the inkjet printer are the color production. Most of the laser printer is only capable of one kind of color such as black and white only or colors only. Meanwhile, you can use various colors in one inkjet printer.

That is why the inkjet printer is better than the laser printer for full-color printing. Either for a full page or small dots, the inkjet has better quality in printing colors. It happens since the inkjet has the capability to reproduce more subtle gradation colors while the laser will only display the saturation color. Moreover, sometimes you will find that the laser printers will produce bulkier color.

  • Print Speed

Although the laser printer is not recommended for its color print quality, it is the winner for the high-speed printer. You can print black and white document faster by using the laser printer. That is why the laser printer is highly recommended for a business that has high flow documents’ production. Then, you can also print up to 20 pages for every minute for this printer. Meanwhile, the inkjet printer is slower which only can print up to 6 pages for every minute in black and white color. It must be a huge difference between the laser printer and the inkjet printer. So, if you need to produce more document in fast so the laser printer is one of the best recommendations for fast workflow.

  • Cost

Basically, there is no such huge difference for both prices. Even for a basic model or multifunction model, both the laser and the inkjet printer nearly have the same price. For the printer itself, you will go with the inkjet printer as the cheaper one since you can afford it only for not more than $70 while you have to purchase the laser printer for $130. However, the inkjet printer will not come with the starter cartridge which means you still need an additional cost to first buy.