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Top Things to do in San Diego

Top Things to do in San Diego


San Diego is a city with near perfect weather year ’round. As a result, the locals are friendly and there are so many activities and events that will certainly keep you busy. The list below is just a small sample of the types of things you can do in San Diego. So what are you waiting for?!

Visit one of the many farmer’s markets

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

San Diego has a variety of farmer’s markets that you can find on almost any day of the week. The largest ones are on the weekend, but you can always find fresh and local produce and products during the week. I visited Little Italy Farmer’s market where I tasted sea urchin (see video here) and I browsed La Jolla’s Farmer’s Market the following day.

Spend a day in Balboa Park

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

You can easily spend a week in Balboa Park and not see it all! The Park is home to X museums, the San Diego Zoo, numerous gardens, gymnasiums, theatres and so much more! We only spent one day exploring, but barely scratched the surface. It’s a great place for children and adults, and a great location for a picnic!

Be a beach bum

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

With over 100km of coastline, you are bound to spend at least one day at the beach in San Diego! You can easily lounge on the sand all day or take up a new sport! Learn to surf, boogie board, kayak or snorkel. There is certainly something for everyone.

Visit the tide pools of Point Loma

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

This is a bit of a drive out of the main area of San Diego, but totally worth it! It’s also known as Cabrillo tide pools. The tide pools are a bit hidden by the tall cliffs which make the area that much more spectacular. During low tide, you will most certainly see marine life (like hermit crabs and other sea life) and during high tide you can expect to see some epic wave crashes against the cliffs.

Cycle La Jolla

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

La Jolla (la hoya) is a beautiful community just north of San Diego. The best way to see the region is on a bike. Start at La Jolla Shores beach, watch the surfers then continue south to reach Coast Blvd. Stop at La Jolla Cove and slowly make your way down to Children’s Beach to watch the sea lions sunbathe.

Take in the views from Mount Soledad

Mount Soledad is also in La Jolla so while you have that handy bike, cycle to the top of the mount for stunning views of San Diego and the surrounding area.

Eat burritos for every meal

I am a glutton for burritos – and pretty much any other Mexican food. So being only 30km from the Mexican border there is surely going to be some excellent Mexican fare. Burritos, tacos, fajitas and more! You can easily eat a burrito for every meal!

Try a new beer from a craft brewery

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

Renowned as the America’s #1 craft beer destination, San Diego is home to over 115 breweries! There are tons of brewery tours you can join or you can discover them to your own delight.

Visit Seaport Village

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

Seaport Village is a great destination for shopping, dining and a beautiful stroll along the water. There are tons of cute shops for browsing and amazing waterfront cafés and restaurants. It’s also a bit windy which makes it great for kite flying!

Cuddle with a kitty at the Cat Café

Located in the Gaslamp district, the Cat Café is quite new to San Diego. You can enjoy a coffee and play with a cat! What else could you want? All the cats at the Café are available for adoption, so there is a bit of a rotation of cats. Be advised: there may be a bit of a queue for the opportunity to see the cats, but I say it’s well worth it!

Visit Belmont Park

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

Belmont Park is a beach front amusement park with rides and games that are mostly geared to children. But we had a great time walking around and playing a few games. It’s free to walk around and you can always purchase tickets if you feel like tackling the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

Watch the sunset from the beach front of Hotel Del Coronado

Top Things to do in San Diego | Simply Sojourns

Hotel Del Coronado is a posh and upscale hotel located in Coronado which is just south of San Diego. This beautiful hotel is the second largest wooden structure in the U.S. and allows visitors to stroll through the lobby and surrounding hotel grounds. Since its opening, the hotel has hosted presidents, royalty and many celebrities. It was also a filming location for the movie “Some Like it Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe.

What have you done in San Diego?


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Top Things to doin San Diego | Simply Sojourns


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