What Is the Best Scanner for Office Needs?

Nowadays, printer and scanner are the two most important items for every kind of business. That is why you can easily find the recent collaboration of printer and scanner at once. Moreover, All in 3 comes as the most effective and compatible tools for business needs. It is a printer which has a function also as scanner and fax. However, scanner machine itself is still needed. You need the scanning document only when it comes to your business. Although there are a lot of multifunction machines, you still need the best scanner to help your work done faster. One of the best recommendation brands for the scanner is HP which has been popular for every business. It comes with various series which are the best for helping your office.

The Recommended HP Scanner for Office

Actually, there are a lot of brand for scanners but HP is one of the most popular. Mostly in every office already have this brand for helping their job. Like another brand, HP also introduced various kind of scanners which are highly recommended for business. What are they? Here are the best recommendation for your office:

  • HP ScanJet Pro 2000

The first recommendation comes for HP ScanJet Pro 2000. It has a capacity of up to 2000 pages for a day. This quantity might be the best for place or business which handle such big documents for every day. Although it has a high capacity for scanning document, it still has compatible and small size. You do not need to give more space for it. Moreover, you do not need for warming up like others’ scanner usually do. It will be working faster without warming up at the first. Moreover, it can load 50 pages of the document automatically at once which means it helps to do the job much faster. For the price, you can bring this scanner to your office for only $300.

  • HP ScanJet Pro 3000

Like its name, the HP ScanJet Pro 3000 has a bigger capacity than the Pro 2000 series. It is compatible for a business which can produce more than 3500 pages for per day. Moreover, it can capture up to 35 ppm/70 ppm on both sides at once which means it has superb work. What makes it even greater is you can control or scan through your mobile device easily, with the best sensor system, you can handle the scanner to connect with your device everywhere. For the price, it has a higher price based on its capacity. You can afford this scanner for about $430.

  • HP ScanJet Enterprise

If you are not too satisfied yet with the capacity of two scanners above, so the HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow is the best recommendation. You can get more than 6000 documents for scanning with this scanner in one day. It is such a big capacity for a scanner, isn’t it? Its workflow also comes with the powerful accuracy and speed which will give high quality document like a pro. Moreover, it can scan the document up to an A3 size which will be more effective for every kind of document that will be used. However, it has a bigger size which will not be a  big deal for such good function. Only with $700, you will get this special and fastest scanner from HP.

So, which will the scanner be chosen? To make an easy decision, you can choose and buy the scanner which has function nearly as your office needs. If your office has a high flow in making documents, so you need the scanner with high speed and durability. If there is limited space for a scanner in your office, so you can choose the scanner with smaller or mini size. Just make it simpler.